Family Yoga At Home

Yoga for Kids at Home

A home yoga practice is one of the best things we can do for ourselves. Practicing mindfulness, yoga and focused breathing can minimize stress and anxiety while improving focus and concentration. A consistent home practice can increase your overall sense of well-being and happiness. And, yoga for children can be just as beneficial. Teaching our little ones from a young age gives them invaluable life-long tools for their own health and well-being. Plus family yoga is a great way to spend time together while getting in your own home practice.

Family Yoga

If yoga is something new to your kids, it may take some time for them to truly join in. Even if they only stop occasionally to join you in a pose, you are getting in a workout and time to destress. You may be surprised how quickly your child will become accustomed to this new routine and begin doing yoga along side you, especially with your encouragement!

Home yoga practice for family

Mindful Breathing

Yoga or just some quiet time to breathe is also a great distraction tool when your child is anxious or upset. And since it doesn’t require any equipment, you can even incorporate some of the tools wherever you may be. Taking a few moments for a forward bend or fun lions breathes (roaring as much as needed) can help to settle frazzled nerves for both you and your child. You can see more tips on breathing with your child in our Just Breathe blog.

Even if you need to take a few moments in a grocery aisle – most yoga teachers say feel free to take child pose any time you need to.

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Home Yoga Practice for the Family

Your child may not fully participate the first few times they attend a yoga class. However, you might be surprised how much he/she is absorbing. And you can take some of what you learn for lessons at home as a bedtime routine, or for any time during the day. Practicing yoga with your kids at home, even just five minutes here and there, will give your child more confidence in class. 

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Keep Kids Yoga a Stress Free Zone

Your time together doing yoga should be enjoyable and stress free. Try keeping the focus more about how you and your little ones are feeling on the inside. Poses do not have to be perfect.

mindful breathing for children
mindful breathing for children

Family Yoga = Quality Time

Yoga is a wonderful avenue for spending some quality time with your kids. Laugh, play and have fun with it! You might even consider a time for your entire family to share their love of yoga! Consider incorporating family yoga into your bedtime routine. Soft music, mood or candle light, and some gentle stretches can help everyone relax at the end of a busy day.

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Mommy and me yoga

We’d love to hear about your home practice and experiences with your little ones. Please share tips, comments, thoughts or questions in the comments section below.