The biggest life skill you can learn during childhood is to manage your emotions. 

Just Bee™ Mindful Mat


There are so many ways to have fun with your

Just Bee™ Mindful Mat!

Do some Yoga

Share some quality time

Pause & Breathe tracing the designs on the mat

Or take some time to…

Use your imagination – the possibilities are endless!

How to fold your mat

Step 1. Flip to rubber side up

Step 2. Fold into thirds

Step 3. Roll from the long edge.

Care Instructions

Shake it out, use a lint brush or vacuum

You can machine wash your Just Bee™ Mindful Mat using a cold, gentle setting. We do recommend minimizing the need to machine wash to prevent fraying. If fraying occurs, carefully trim with scissors.

Hang to dry with the rubber side up to avoid fading.

Just Bee™ Mindful Products

Just Bee™ Mindful Products are all mindfully designed to engage children and encourage self-regulation and creative play.