At Just Bee Yoga + Well-being we introduce youth of all ages to the benefits and joys of yoga, breath-work and mindfulness.

There are wonderful physical benefits of yoga including improved strength, balance, coordination, body awareness and flexibility.

We also strongly believe in the emotional benefits of yoga, mindfulness & breath-work.

These are lifelong tools that can be used on – and off – the mat for overall health and well-being.

Learn more about our different types of classes below.

Busy Bees: Ages 3-6

Our Busy Bees classes are lively and active – just like this busy age group.

We provide a space for imaginations to soar as we go on yoga adventures incorporating animals, nature, and other age appropriate themes into yoga poses. Creativity and mindfulness is encouraged as we stretch, play, breathe, sing and dance. Most of all – we have a lot of fun!

These busy bees are happy to spend time lying down in quiet rest for the last few minutes of this 30 minute class. 


Tuesdays 4:00 pm

September 1 – October 6 

$12 per class or $60 for the series

Botanic Garden at Historic Barns Park

1490 Red Dr
Traverse City, MI

Because we will be spaced a safe 6 feet distance away, we ask that an adult participate with each child in this age group.


2nd Saturday of month

11:00 am

Free classes sponsored by

Traverse Area District Library

Next class October 10th

kids yoga Traverse City

Honey Bees: Ages 7-11

With this boisterous age group, we combine music, cooperative games, breath-work, mindfulness exercises, relaxation and yoga into a fun 45 minute class. 

We encourage these young yogis to focus on inward mindfulness, opposed to perfect poses. However, healthier bodies will be the result of poses that stretch, strengthen, and build coordination.

This combination of yoga and mindfulness gives children lifelong skills for self-health, relaxation, stress reduction, and overall well-being.


 Tuesdays 5:00 pm

September 1 – October 6 

$12 per class or $60 for the series

Yogi Teens

Many of today’s youth feel constant stress, anxiety, and pressure to perform. Yoga + mindfulness classes give teens and pre-teens some much needed “down time”.

We encourage respect for others along with a love for one’s self, inside and out as we explore concepts such as trust, loving kindness, peace and gratitude.

Most importantly, these 60 minute classes are creative and fun providing a safe and encouraging environment for teens and tweens to relax and “just bee”.




Sept. 15th – Oct. 13th

at 6:00 pm 

On the lawn of

Botanic Garden at Historic Barns Park

1490 Red Dr
Traverse City, MI

$15 per class

Family Yoga

Family Yoga



10051 S. Lake Leelanau Drive
Traverse City

Saturday, October 3rd

11:00 am – 12:00 pm

Join us outdoors at this amazing location for a fun fall themed family yoga class!

$25 per family


Family Yoga Traverse City

Yoga practiced as a family encourages cooperation, communication and respect between children, parents and siblings.

These lively classes incorporate basic yoga poses, breath-work and relaxation through creative and fun yoga-themed adventures. We create a safe space for connection and play.

The class curriculum is designed for ages 4-11, but we welcome all ages from 0-113!

Karma Family Yoga Classes

(donation based)

Contact us directly to nominate your favorite organization for our monthly Karma class donations.

Private Sessions

Private sessions are a great way to get one on one attention or to gather a group of friends for a customized yoga practice. 

We have options for adults, families, teens, or children.

Contact us for pricing.

Workshops, Camps & Special Events

Our workshops, camps and special events allow extra time for more in-depth themes and inner exploration. Mindfulness, Yoga, crafts, games, journaling and relaxation activities are just a few activities we might include.

We also explore character education and values such as confidence, gratitude, healthy living, peace, respect. Participants experience independence, teamwork and self regulation relating to a positive and healthy lifestyle.


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