“To be aware of little, quiet things, you need to be quiet inside. 

A high degree of alertness is required. 

Be still.  Look.  Listen.  Be present.”

-Eckhart Tolle

We’ve added a few of our favorite “mindful games” below. These games are fun, while helping us to be totally present in the moment (or mindful). Being present helps with:

Concentration and focus.

Improved listening and memory skills.

Better conflict resolution.

Wiser, clearer decision making, especially in the moment.

Push Sticks

Play soft music and hold two sticks between partners by pushing them against each other using index fingers.

Start moving or dancing through space without talking and without letting the sticks fall.

You can use small wooden dowels, chopsticks or even sticks you find outside.

Brain Games

Have you heard of brain gem activities where you do opposite movements with your hands at the same time?
One hand palm open with your thumb out and other hand make a fist and close your thumb over. Now switch. Can you do it?

Block Trick


Sit across from someone in your mindful body and choose who will be the first leader.

The leader pretends they are looking into a mirror. The “mirror” must imitate everything as the leader moves  – just as if you were looking into a mirror.

Play soft music in the background and get creative. Take turns being the leader!⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

Mindful Listening

Mindful listening is very calming, focusing and grounding. 

Sit quietly, eyes closed and listen carefully. Ring a bell or set a timer for one minute. (For older children, increase the time to 2-3 minutes.) 

When time is up, share what you heard. 

You could even practice using your superhero ears to hear sounds very far away and close by.

Mindful Coloring

Ever lose yourself in the moment while coloring? There’s a reason why adult coloring books became so popular!

Mindful Sorting

Everyone loves it when we pull out the pompoms, and when you add chopsticks the possibilities are endless. It’s a great activity to develop fine motor skills, strengthen hand muscles and practice eye-hand coordination.

There are so many options ….. sort by color, counting, designing mandalas or carrying them across the room. It can be a mindful activity alone or you can even make it a group challenge!

Don’t have pom poms and chopsticks? Try using spoons and cotton balls, toys or small items to have spoon race or sorting game.


These balancing birds are always a hit in our classes. No balancing birds lying around? You could choose anything to balance – small stuffed animals on your head, your arm, your back.

Balance in tree pose, Balance standing on a rock outside. The possibilities are endless. And to balance you really must stay present! Thinking of what to have for dinner – woops – there went your balance!

Practice being mindful throughout your day. Notice when your mind is wondering and bring it back to the present.