Partner Poses

What’s more fun than yoga? Yoga with a partner! Remember to keep yourself and others safe. Establish a “safe” word before you start. We use the word “down” and that means – no questions asked – you quickly and safely come out of the pose.

Double Plank

How long can you hold plank pose? How many people can you stack in plank pose?

Partner Twist

Sit back to back in easy seat (criss-cross applesauce). Sit up tall and see if you can sync your breath – connecting with your partner. When ready inhale to lengthen your backs and exhale to twist. After a couple of breaths inhale center and exhale to the other side.


Adjust for the age. Fly someone on your knees or your feet. Maybe even let go of hands!

Lizard on a Rock

This one feels amazing for both the rock and the lizard!⠀⠀


One person starts on hands and knees. The second person balances on hands and knees on their back and gently pulls up on the shoulders of the base as you both bring your arms out to the sides – you’re flying!

Double Boat (Sailboat)

Once you’re balanced – try to move your feet inside and outside of your arms.

Check out more partner poses in this fun video with Miss Kay.