Just Bee Mindful Cards, Just Bee Yoga Cards + Just Bee Mindful Mat Gift Set


Purchase the Just Bee™ Mindful Cards, Just Bee™ Yoga Cards & Just Bee™ Mindful Mat together at the discounted rate with free shipping.

That’s a total of 55 beautifully laminated 5×7 cards – 32 mindfulness cards for breathing, quiet, and active play plus 25 yoga cards. The cards coordinate perfectly with the carefully designed mat in your choice of colors.

Hours of fun while learning lifelong tools for health and well-being.


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Just Bee Mindful Cards

This 32 card set of Just Bee™ Mindful Cards is the perfect compliment to the Just Bee™ Mindful Mat. The cards are divided into 3 sections for breathing techniques/exercises, quiet, mindful activities, and active play cards.

We are excited to share these cards full of fun ideas to inspire mindful and creative play time for your child.  Keep the cards easily available for your child to choose what they need whether it’s active movement, alone time, or a specific breathing exercise to calm themselves.

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Just Bee Mindful Mat with two color options


  • 100% natural tree rubber base with microfiber top
  • Eco-friendly, biodegradable and recyclable
  • Free of PVC, latex, silicone, phthalates, chlorine, odor and other contaminants
  • Lightweight & portable
  • Designed to grip the floor and stay put
  • 5 mm of cushioning
  • 39.5 inches round
  • Folds easily into the child size Just Bee™ Mindful Mat Bag (included)
  • Interactive design to encourage independent use
  • Easy to learn techniques, games and mindful activities
  • Design encourages correct alignment in yoga poses
  • Easy to clean with a lint brush or vacuum
  • Machine washable on gentle with cold water – hang to dry
  • Designed to blend seamlessly with your floor to minimize rolling edges
  • Available in two color options - Peace or Calm

Learn more about how to use your Just Bee Mindful Mat here.


Just Bee Yoga Cards

"Flap your wings and fly like a butterfly in Baddha Konasana Pose."

The Just Bee™ Yoga card collection includes 25 large 5x7 cards. There are 22 yoga poses or asanas and 3 bonus cards for partner poses because yoga is always "better together". The poses are presented in playful, child friendly ways and even include the Sanskrit name for the pose.

Sanskrit is the ancient Indian Language used for the original names of the yoga asanas, or poses.  It's a fun way to learn a new language with your child as you develop a knowledge of the authentic names for each yoga pose. There are also inspirational quotes, pose and other helpful tips on each individual card.

Benefits of Yoga:

  • Increases immunity
  • Relaxes mind and body
  • Boosts self-esteem
  • Strengthens and tones the entire body

41 in stock


41 in stock

We are a small company with experience as mothers, grandmothers and yoga instructors. Our passion for sharing the benefits of yoga and mindfulness guides us through the design of each and every product. We put our hearts and souls into sharing knowledge we wish we had known as young mothers.

Our children, grandchildren and yoga students love to model for our cards! We gently guide them into the poses and they naturally find the place that feels good to their own little bodies. We always stress the importance of yoga and mindfulness for the mind/body connection and health benefits versus perfection in the poses. You can tell by the laughter and peaceful smiles they are enjoying the moments and calming benefits.

The cards are top quality - printed in the US on extra thick lamination to withstand years of use by little hands.

Have fun with your child as you learn valuable tools for self-regulation. This knowledge is a lifelong gift you and your child can access any time or any place for years to come.

You will feel the love from the moment you open the package!

Additional information

Just Bee Mindful Mat with two color options

Mat Care

We encourage minimal machine washing to avoid fraying edges. If fraying occurs trim with scissors.


Peace, Calm


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