The biggest life skill you can learn during childhood is to manage your emotions. 

Mindfulness gives children skills to improve their ability to pay attention, to develop an awareness of their emotions, to calm themselves when they are upset, and to help make better decisions. 

The Just Bee™ Mindful Mat is designed to help them learn tools to calm themselves in any situation. The beautiful, interactive design teaches self-regulation through mindful activities on the mat. For little bodies, it’s the perfect size to practice yoga asanas while staying on the mat because it gives freedom of movement in any direction within a circle. But, it’s more than that, it’s a circle, or a mandala, which represents wholeness with no beginning and no end.

Your Just Bee™ Mindful Mat can be a space in your home free from distractions. A space to go for some quiet time. It’s a place to practice mindfulness, take a pause, or just take a breath. In our busy, noisy world, having a designated space to “Just Bee” is vital to our overall health and well-being.

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Just Bee™ Mindful Products

Just Bee™ Mindful Products are all mindfully designed to engage children and encourage self-regulation and creative play.