Community. That’s how we’re going to get through this.

Together we are stronger than we will ever be apart. Even when we can’t share space, we can share love and support and take care of each other.  Let’s each do our part in healing our community, our world, because we are all one big family.

Sending virtual hugs!

Miss Kay & Miss Cathy

The links below will take you to some fun yoga and mindfulness activities you can do at home. Enjoy!

Mindful Breathing

 You breath in and out 20,000 times a day. How many of those breaths are you consciously aware of? Conscious breathing can calm or energize us. There are so many fun ways to breathe!

Online Classes

Join us for a “virtual” class!

Choose from pre-recorded classes

Or join a Live Zoom class on Thursdays!

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Mindful Games

Mindfulness helps to improve our ability to pay attention, to develop an awareness of our emotions, to calm ourselves when upset, and to help make better decisions. 

Yoga Poses

Click here for yoga poses (asana) how-to’s. Try a few then put together your favorites to make your own sequence.

Partner Poses

Do some fun yoga poses with your brothers, sisters, friends, mom, dad, grandparents, or even a stuffed friend! Clear here for a few ideas!

More Movement

Moving every day will help you feel better. Even if you’re stuck inside. Check out this section of fun movement ideas.


Getting outside and enjoying nature is always refreshing and a great wait to feel grounded and settled. Get outdoors every day if you can! Click here for fun outdoor activities

Additional Parent Resources

Click below to check out some of our favorite books as well as online resources.

Just Bee Mindful Mat

The Just Bee Mindful Mat is designed to help children learn tools to calm themselves in any situation. The beautiful, interactive design teaches self-regulation through mindful activities on the mat.

Learn more about our classes at Just Bee Yoga + Well-being on the video below.

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