Why the Name “Just Bee”?

by Jun 26, 2021

Just Bee Yoga + Well-being

Why the Name “Just Bee”?

When we were deciding on a name for our children’s yoga business we knew we wanted it to mean something. It was such a hard decision; to find something that would encompass our mission not only for kids, but their families as well.

The phrase to “just be” kept coming up in our discussions. Letting go of everything and allowing yourself to “just be” in the moment. It’s like that feeling of being a child lying in the grass looking up at the open sky. Like taking a moment for yourself without anything to do or any pressure and simply being present (hello… put down that device). Feeling happy just the way you are. Or maybe you’ve heard it during Savasana when the teacher encourages you to settle in and “just be”. Whatever that feeling is to you, we knew it was something we all needed more of.

A Simple, but Sometimes Challenging Concept

Just Bee Yoga + Well-being

It sounds so simple, but not something we always take the time to enjoy.

A little time to move away from our busy schedules, technology, and constant doing can be quite refreshing. You might find yourself not only feeling better, but also more focused and productive after allowing yourself to do nothing – just for a little while.

Repeat daily – as often as needed – then move back into your day with a renewed sense of peace, calm and focus.

Oh – and why the bees? 🐝 They’re just for fun!

Just bee mindful… just bee grateful… just bee kind… just bee you…. Just Bee Yoga + Well-being 😉

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