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With a combination of 28 (YES 28) grandchildren, we’re so excited to share yoga and mindfulness with children. We are Kay Epple and Cathy Fitzgerald and we are both RYT® 200 & RCYT 95 registered yoga teachers.

Realizing the incredible benefits of Yoga + Mindfulness for all ages, we have followed up with these additional trainings: Well Bean Kids Yoga , Rainbow Kids Yoga, Karma Kids Baby Yoga & Developmental Movement, Cosmic KidsYogi Beans Tween Immersion, Yoga Ed Trauma Informed Yoga, Certified YOGABODY® Breathing Coach, & Therapeutic Yoga Certification.

We feel blessed to share our passion with children, teens, wedding parties and families in the Traverse City area.

Kay Epple

Kay Epple

I was first drawn to yoga for the physical practice, but soon learned that asana was just a small part of yoga.  My passion led me to completing many yoga teacher trainings, including receiving my RYT-200 and RCYT.

One thing I realized at my 200 hour yoga teacher training was how much children would benefit from yoga too.  I wished I had this knowledge when my husband and I were raising our four kids, but with eleven amazing grandchildren I knew I had a mission.  I’ve taken many courses specializing in all aspects of children and adolescents since that first one.

When I met Cathy during our first training I found she had the same passion for teaching kids and an amazing partnership and friendship was born.

We continue to work together to bring yoga and mindfulness to as many families as we can.  We’ve created some amazing tools for kids to use for mindfulness and have many more projects in the works!  

Cathy Fitzgerald

I was introduced to the amazing benefits of yoga with Rodney Yee’s AM Yoga on VHS nearly every morning for years. It  helped me to feel calm and centered, ready to start my busy day.

 Eventually I was able to attend classes and my yoga practice began to evolve. Since my RYT-200 yoga teacher training, I just can’t get enough. There is always another training to attend or book to read.

 I was a dance instructor for many years and love working with children, so adding the RCYT (certified children’s yoga instructor) was a natural fit.

Kay and I met during our first teacher training.  We found so much in common, having raised large families (6 children & 17 grandchildren for me).  Our shared passion about the value of sharing yoga and mindfulness with children led us to start a business partnership. That has turned into a beautiful partnership and plenty of laughter along the way. We’re constantly coming up with new ideas – it’s so much fun!

Cosmic Kids Certification
Just Bee Mindful Mat/Just Bee Yoga + Well-being
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We’d love to have you join us for Yoga in Traverse City!

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